Southern Rock Lobster

Southern Rock Lobster

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Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) grow in the cold, pure, pristine waters off the coasts of Southern Australia and New Zealand. This species of lobster is widely known as the world’s best lobster, and this is shown by the demand and the premium price diners around the world pay to eat it. It is often found as a treasured delicacy in upscale restaurants in Asia, Australia, and other countries. There are differing seasons in different states of Australia however the fishing season in Western Australia is from mid-November to June of the next year.

More about this species

Southern Rock Lobster are found in Southern Australian and New Zealand waters from the southern capes in Western Australia to central New South Wales including Tasmania. They are usually found in and around reefs from shallow waters out to the edge of the continental shelf 200m+ deep. They can vary in colour from dark red to a lighter and whiter “strawberry” colour depending on the local habitat.

A Southern Rock Lobster is usually at least 5-6 years of age before it reaches the minimum size and can be legally harvested. They can live beyond 20-years of age and grow in excess of five kg although size is not always good indicator of age (many of the oldest lobsters are also very small).

Commercial Southern Rock Lobster fisheries have operated sustainably in Tasmania, South Australia, and Victoria for over 150 years and now bring thousands of jobs to rural Australia and hundreds of millions of export dollars into the country.

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